Do you ever wonder, does he really "love" me..? I mean, it's highschool, is it even possible to love somebody else when your still learning to love yourself? I don't think anyone really knows the answer to that...sadly. Do you wonder if he feels the same flutters you do when he see's you walk in? Because these crazy feelings, well every one feels them.

    I knew he was trouble when he walked in, so why did i let walk all over me? Just like the T-Swift song says, "shame on me now". Now i'm here, sitting as damaged goods, for the 3rd time. Except this time, i can say, we are never ever getting back together. Because i refuse to go through the hell you put me through again. So this is me, moving on.


    Weird, Ugly, Loser, Fat, Stupid....these are all words that we've all heard. EIther we've said them to someone who didn't deserve them, watched someone harass somebody with these words, or have taken the harassment. Well people need to know that words hurt. About 1,769 kids commit suicide per year. And that data was just in 2008. 

    In 6th grade i was bullied, the feelings i felt are undescribable. I felt alone, insecure, and depressed. I was never happy because i never told anyone. And who knew kids could be so mean right? Well frankly, Mean people SUCK. My advice to you is, never just take the harsh words, stick up for yourself in the safest way possible. Don't make the same mistake as me and keep your pain to yourself. You NEED to tell someone. Your parents, your school counciler, even me. Get help because, noone, ABSOLUTELY noone, deserves to be bullied.



How to create the perfect winged eyeliner..

 I used Maybelline's eyestudio gel liner. But type of eyeliner will work.

I also used a slanted gel liner brush from Sephora.

1. Apply the gel liner to your upper lashes starting really thick closer to your ears and tapering to a thinner line closer to your nose.

2. While looking down into a mirror, find the ending point of your bottom lashes and start the wing there, angleling it and extending it as far out as you want.

3. Now attach the thin wing to the top lash line and do the same to the other side.

And BAM! You've got the perfect winged liner like this picture in 3 simple steps. (: